Murano Design is a reality in constant evolution. Find out about the exhibition events on our agenda and the new products in our catalogue, as well as guides to the Murano art glass techniques we use in our company.

Murano Glass Vases: The Excellence of Venetian Craftsmanship with Vetreria Murano Design®

The beauty and elegance of Murano glass vases are the result of centuries of tradition and artistic innovation. Vetreria Murano Design®, born from the intuition of three young Murano master glassmakers, represents an excellence in the landscape of Venetian artistic glass. Each piece is a unique work of art, entirely handmade and guaranteed by the [...]

Murano Glass Tumblers: The Art of Glass with Vetreria Murano Design®

Murano glass is a symbol of excellent craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement. At Vetreria Murano Design, we are passionate about creating Murano glass glasses that combine tradition and innovation, offering our customers unique, high-quality pieces. In this article, we will explore the universe of Murano glass glasses, highlighting our most exclusive creations and the features that [...]

Venetian Goto: Art and Tradition in the Glasses of Vetreria Murano Design®

In the beating heart of Italian glassmaking, where tradition meets innovation, comes the Venetian goto, an expression of Murano craftsmanship that encapsulates centuries of history and culture. The term "Venetian goto" has fascinating origins, being closely related to Venetian daily life and tradition. Traditionally, the "goto" was the personal glass of the master glassmaker, used [...]

Plastic-Free Packaging and Energy Conservation: The Green Heart of Murano Design

At Murano Design we are proud to share our vision and actions taken toward a more sustainable future, while never losing sight of the passion and art that distinguish our production of Murano glass objects. Our mission is clear: to innovate while maintaining a deep respect for the environment around us, thus testifying that art [...]

Murano Glasses: The Art of Transparency with Vetreria Murano Design®

At Vetreria Murano Design, we celebrate the art of Murano glassmaking, which shines through in our unique glasses, creations that embody the excellence of a centuries-old tradition. Founded in 2007, we have created a collection that fuses ancient Murano craftsmanship with contemporary design. Each piece, made entirely by hand, is a testament to our dedication [...]

Murano blown glass vases: harmony of colors and shapes in the art of Vetreria Murano Design

In the vibrant heart of Italian glassmaking, Vetreria Murano Design stands out for its exceptional ability to create Murano blown glass vases that are true masterpieces. Founded in 2007, our company has established itself as a benchmark in the art glass scene with creations ranging from incalmo, filigree, and murrine, embracing both classic Venetian style [...]

Murano Glass Lamps by Vetreria Murano Design

Explore the timeless elegance of glass lamps, a fusion of refined design and timeless elegance In this article, we will explore the world of glass lamps, a fusion of timeless elegance and refined design, delving into the unmistakable signature of elegance and tradition with Vetreria Murano Design's Murano Lamps. History and tradition of Murano glass [...]

The Enchantment of Blown Glass Christmas Balls

If you are thinking of taking the leap with your Christmas decorations, we suggest you start with Christmas balls. In this article we will tell you about the origins of the Christmas ball, the advantages of glass balls over plastic, and introduce you to our collectible glass Christmas balls. Origins of Christmas balls The earliest [...]

Maison&Objet Paris – Murano Design will participate

Once again this year we are pleased to invite you to visit our collection at the Paris fair Maison & Objet, one of the most important European furniture fairs. The fair will be held in the Exhibition Center in Villepinte, in the northern suburbs of Paris, from January 18 to 22. We will be in [...]

Our colourful and ‘modernist’ glass: Gaudí

Today we want to talk to you about a collection of coloured Murano glasses that is very important to us, the collection we have made to pay homage to a great artist we love so much: Gaudí. The glass in this collection in fact, the Gaudí glass, was the first ever glass from the Vetreria [...]

Tipetto Veneziano: scopri il calice di vetro soffiato della tradizione muranese

It is not vase, it is not glass, it only knows what it is not. In spite of its name, which recalls a lighthearted little boy from the lagoon city (Tipetto in Italian means little boy ), the Venetian Tipetto is a peculiar glass goblet, with showy decorations on the stem and belonging to the [...]

Vintage or modern glass tumblers? Discover the style that’s right for you

Can a simple glass improve the aesthetics of a home? The answer is yes: Murano Design's glasses are characterized by the transparent elegance of glass that allows you to transform every sip into a 'pleasant and complete sensory experience, making simple glasses become true masterpieces suitable for any decor, thanks to the wide variety of [...]

Murrine glasses: the artistic elegance of Murano glass.

The Venetian art of glassmaking boasts origins dating back thousands of years, and even today there are many companies that deal with it, resulting in unique handcrafted products of incomparable beauty. The series of Murano glass glasses handcrafted and colored with the addition of various types of Murrine as well as gold and silver leaflets [...]

Murano glass colorful glasses: ideas for decorating tables

Artistic glassmaking was born historically in Venice and only later was production moved to the island of Murano, thus beginning the long tradition we know today. In fact, the production of colored Murano glassware is carried on in our historic furnaces by master craftsmen, who continue to follow traditional techniques handed down through generations. Be [...]

Hand blown murano drinking glasses: a technique to be rediscovered

The technique of Murano drinking glasses takes this name because it is the artisans themselves who blow into a straw and give the desired shape to glass that is still malleable due to high temperatures: an ancient technique still used and handed down by master glassmakers. How is a blown glass object made? Let's start [...]

Collectible Murano glasses: a selection from Murano Design

Refined and functional, Murano Design's products stand out for their elegance, colors and variety of patterns, being made from one of the most valuable and popular materials in Italy: Murano glass. The name originates from the island of Murano: the place where this type of glass, several centuries ago, was first produced soon becoming highly [...]

IT’S TIME TO (RE)CONNECT! Murano Design Maison & Object Paris 2022.

Finally we return to presence and we have the pleasure to invite you to visit our new collection at Maison & Object Paris from March 24 to 28 you will find us at Hall 6 — Stand D136 E135. Looking forward to see you! Warm regards, Vetreria Murano Design

Another exciting day at Maison & Objet Paris

Today we are still here in Paris, at Maison & Objet fair. Like every year the atmosphere is warm and exciting, there’s a lot if interest for made in italy products. Since the day of our arrival we have been full of new meetings and possibilities, let’s go further until tomorrow and then home! If you […]

Ambiente @Messe Frankfurt 7-11 February 2020

Vetreria Murano Design has the pleasure to invite you to visit our collection at Messe Frankfurt 2020. From February 7 to 11 you will find us at HALL 8 — STAND E28. Looking forward to see you!

History of Murrine

Murrino glass has very ancient origins, the first works date back to 3,000-2,000 BC by Syrian, Egyptian and Roman glassmakers. The term "Murrino" was used to identify all the mosaic glass vases and bowls that the Romans made using cane sections that presented inside them, along their entire length, abstract or figurative designs such as [...]

Maison&Objet 17-21 January 2020

Vetreria Murano Design has the pleasure to invite you to visit our collection at Maison & Objet 2020. From January 16 to 21 you will find us at HALL 7 — STAND C 93. Looking forward to see you!

Production of Murano glass vases

Among our most loved and requested products there are our vases, it just has a quick look to the catalogue to understand the reason. They are products of refined quality and aesthetic that meet the taste and needs of each and They use the ancient techniques of Venetian processing of Murano Glass. Particular and original [...]

London Craft Week 8-12 May 2019

Siamo lieti di informarvi che stiamo partecipando alla London Craft Week esponendo i nostri prodotti all'interno di "Italian Table", un'esposizione di articoli per la tavola ispirati allo stile italiano.    

La lavorazione dei bicchieri di Murano

The realization of our glasses requires different phases. The first step consists in taking the glass out of the oven with the use of the barrel. After allowing the glass to cool for some time, we blow it onto the barrel and we form a glass ball, this technique is called blowing. When the glass [...]


All our glasses are blown and opened by hand. Blowing is a glassworking technique of free manual forming that allows to give shape to the glass in the pasty state, blowing air inside it through a long reed. The handwork involves small imperfections, which however make the products made unique and inimitable. Our collection of [...]


It's been 10 years since we started our adventure in the glass industry and, year after year, we finally got to the finishing line. It's been a long way to get here but now we can say that we are totally satisfied with the results we reached. After some years working in a glass furnace [...]

Report Gallery: Maison&Objet, January 2017

Photo gallery directly from our Stand at Maison&Objet 2017!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

From Paris with love – Report Gallery Maison&Objet 2016

Here you have the photo gallery directly from our Stand at Maison&Objet 2016. During those 5 days we had the pleasure to meet our business partners and develop new opportunities of international collaboration. Events like this one allow us to keep going toward our mission: spreading the art and culture of Murano glass manufacturing.

Come nasce un Pagliaccio in Vetro di Murano

Here you have one important phase of a glass clown manufacturing! Ivan creates and attaches the head to the body and then inserts the item in the oven. Check all our clown collections here!  

Murano Design at Maison & Objet Paris, 22 to 26 January.

    Next month we’ll be presenting our collection at the winter edition of MAISON & OBJET Paris. From January 22 to 26 you will find us at HALL 4 STAND C80 /D79 ITALY PAVILLION. Looking forward to see you!


We are happy to announce that our products will soon be present on the Artex catalogue that will be published in the United States! Our company have been selected by the the Italian Trade Agency to be part of the catalogue designed by the Center For The Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of Tuscany that will […]

Murano glass: 5 tips to recognize the real one

The glass of Murano is known throughout the world for its beauty and artistic value, thus it is often counterfeited and sold as real. So how do we make sure that we are buying the real Murano glass, handmade by the masters and artists in Venice, and not some cheap imitation?   5 things to check before […]