With pride and passion we create traditional Murano glass artefacts.

Discover our collections made strictly by hand using the blowing technique by our master glassmakers.

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Murano Design is a dynamic reality resulting from the intuition of three young Murano masters who have brought to life a repertoire of artistic creations with unique shapes and colours.



We create tailor-made products and collections to best meet the needs of the hotel and restaurant industry.



Discover how in Murano Design the master glassmakers take care of every aspect to create unique and timeless artefacts.



See for yourself the vast selection of artefacts made by our master glassmakers: from traditional Venetian products to the most modern design objects.


Our colourful and ‘modernist’ glass: Gaudí

Today we want to talk to you about a collection of coloured Murano glasses that is very important to us, the collection we have made to pay homage to a great artist we love so much: Gaudí. The glass in this collection in fact, the Gaudí glass, was the first ever glass from the Vetreria [...]

Tipetto Veneziano: scopri il calice di vetro soffiato della tradizione muranese

It is not vase, it is not glass, it only knows what it is not. In spite of its name, which recalls a lighthearted little boy from the lagoon city (Tipetto in Italian means little boy ), the Venetian Tipetto is a peculiar glass goblet, with showy decorations on the stem and belonging to the [...]

Vintage or modern glass tumblers? Discover the style that’s right for you

Can a simple glass improve the aesthetics of a home? The answer is yes: Murano Design's glasses are characterized by the transparent elegance of glass that allows you to transform every sip into a 'pleasant and complete sensory experience, making simple glasses become true masterpieces suitable for any decor, thanks to the wide variety of [...]

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Enter the backstage of Murano Design and discover up close the art of our master glassmakers.

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Glass Factory Murano Design

The artistic glassworks of choice for Murano glassware, vases, giftware and lighting.

Our furnace employs master artisan glassmakers skilled in the traditional artistic working of Murano glass. A thousand-year-old tradition famous throughout the world and part of the Made In Italy heritage.
We collaborate with retailers and major international companies to supply Murano glass glasses, vases, lighting and more. We can also provide customized solutions for large production quantities.

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