With pride and passion we create traditional Murano glass artefacts.

Discover our collections made strictly by hand using the blowing technique by our master glassmakers.

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Murano Design is a dynamic reality resulting from the intuition of three young Murano masters who have brought to life a repertoire of artistic creations with unique shapes and colours.



We create tailor-made products and collections to best meet the needs of the hotel and restaurant industry.



Discover how in Murano Design the master glassmakers take care of every aspect to create unique and timeless artefacts.



See for yourself the vast selection of artefacts made by our master glassmakers: from traditional Venetian products to the most modern design objects.


Murano Glass Vases: The Excellence of Venetian Craftsmanship with Vetreria Murano Design®

The beauty and elegance of Murano glass vases are the result of centuries of tradition and artistic innovation. Vetreria Murano Design®, born from the intuition of three young Murano master glassmakers, represents an excellence in the landscape of Venetian artistic glass. Each piece is a unique work of art, entirely handmade and guaranteed by the [...]

Murano Glass Tumblers: The Art of Glass with Vetreria Murano Design®

Murano glass is a symbol of excellent craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement. At Vetreria Murano Design, we are passionate about creating Murano glass glasses that combine tradition and innovation, offering our customers unique, high-quality pieces. In this article, we will explore the universe of Murano glass glasses, highlighting our most exclusive creations and the features that [...]

Venetian Goto: Art and Tradition in the Glasses of Vetreria Murano Design®

In the beating heart of Italian glassmaking, where tradition meets innovation, comes the Venetian goto, an expression of Murano craftsmanship that encapsulates centuries of history and culture. The term "Venetian goto" has fascinating origins, being closely related to Venetian daily life and tradition. Traditionally, the "goto" was the personal glass of the master glassmaker, used [...]

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Enter the backstage of Murano Design and discover up close the art of our master glassmakers.

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Glass Factory Murano Design

The artistic glassworks of choice for Murano glassware, vases, giftware and lighting.

Our furnace employs master artisan glassmakers skilled in the traditional artistic working of Murano glass. A thousand-year-old tradition famous throughout the world and part of the Made In Italy heritage.
We collaborate with retailers and major international companies to supply Murano glass glasses, vases, lighting and more. We can also provide customized solutions for large production quantities.

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