In the vibrant heart of Italian glassmaking, Vetreria Murano Design stands out for its exceptional ability to create Murano blown glass vases that are true masterpieces. Founded in 2007, our company has established itself as a benchmark in the art glass scene with creations ranging from incalmo, filigree, and murrine, embracing both classic Venetian style and contemporary design.

Our proposal of Murano glass vases, made entirely by hand through the age-old technique of glassblowing, expresses the versatility and excellence of our master glassmakers. These artists are capable of bringing to life unusual shapes and decorations, satisfying even the most demanding requests with customized solutions. Discover our collection and be enchanted by the beauty of our works.

Drop vase: an elegant interplay of flowing curves

The teardrop vase represents one of our most fascinating creations. This work, enchants with its soft, enveloping shapes reminiscent of a drop of water suspended in time.

The technique used allows us to play with curves and create a visual effect of rare elegance, making each vase a unique piece. The shades of color and transparency of blown glass enhance the light, making this vase a fine choice for decorating any room with style and elegance.

Burmese riser vase: shades of light in balance

The Burmese riser vase, is a sublime example of how glassmaking tradition can meet innovation, resulting in pieces of extraordinary beauty.

The uniqueness of this vase lies in its delicately varying shades of color, creating a play of light and transparency capable of enhancing any setting. The balanced design, combined with the craftsmanship of our glassmakers, makes the Burmese riser vase a true work of art.

Veronese vase: curves that tell stories of timeless beauty

Our Veronese vase, is inspired by classical tradition, reinterpreted with a modern twist. Its elegant and sinuous curves tell stories of timeless beauty, making each piece unique and unrepeatable. The blowing technique used in its making allows for striking visual effects that capture and reflect light, giving the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Byzantine vase: intricate shapes that evoke ancient stories

Finally, the Byzantine vase, is distinguished by its complex and detailed shapes, reminiscent of the intricate histories of ancient Byzantium. This vase is a tribute to the ability of our masters to work with glass in ever new ways, creating pieces that are both works of art and testaments to a culture thousands of years old. The decorations, made with exclusive techniques, give the vase a unique character, capable of attracting attention and stimulating curiosity.

Through these creations, Vetreria Murano Design not only perpetuates the historic tradition of Murano blown glass, but also renews it, offering its customers-retailers, businesses, and collectors-exclusive pieces that enrich any environment with their timeless beauty. We invite you to explore our complete collection and discover the magic of Murano blown glass through our works by visiting our website.

With each vase taking shape in the hands of our master glassmakers, Vetreria Murano Design continues to weave a story of excellence, innovation and passion, inviting everyone to be a part of it.