Explore the timeless elegance of glass lamps, a fusion of refined design and timeless elegance

In this article, we will explore the world of glass lamps, a fusion of timeless elegance and refined design, delving into the unmistakable signature of elegance and tradition with Vetreria Murano Design’s Murano Lamps.

History and tradition of Murano glass

Murano glass is rooted in a millennia-old history that originated in the 13th century, when the Venetian Republic decreed the compulsory relocation of all glass furnaces to the island of Murano, known even in those days as the beating heart of this art thanks to its innovative techniques.

Murano was world-renowned for the production of art glass from revolutionary processes jealously kept secret, as evidenced by our Goccia lamp that reinterprets the sinuous shapes and intricate decorations typical of the tradition.

This luminous historical and cultural heritage has been passed down through the years from generation to generation, and we guard it today with undiminished passion, carrying on ancient techniques that blend harmoniously with a contemporary style.

Handcrafted quality of our lamps

Each of our creations is still created completely by hand, thanks to the precious savoir-faire handed down by skilled master glassmakers. Only craftsmanship can give life to unique objects characterized by refinement, luminosity and the highest quality of materials.

We exclusively use Venetian glass worked by hand and colored with special blends of precious metal oxides that give iridescent reflections. This allows us to give our lamps maximum luster and a bright and vivid color palette.

Each creation is certified by a special signature attesting to its authenticity: proof of the inimitable craftsmanship of our artisans.

Contemporary design meets Muranese savoir-faire

Our collection represents a harmonious blend of age-old techniques, handed down from generation to generation as precious secrets, and clean, modern lines that wink at the latest trends in international contemporary design.

Our lamps reinterpret the Murano tradition with creativity and originality: they embrace a modern, minimalist style without ever forgetting the island’s truest soul and artisanal essence.

Our master glassmakers, heirs of this timeless art, blow, shape and decorate entirely by hand precious objects that represent the past and the future of this ancient craft.

Elevate your style with designer lamps, true illuminated works of art

Our design lamps are distinguished by sinuous and enveloping lines, reminiscent of magnificent stylized natural forms or abstract sculptures with a modern taste.

Unique and original furnishing objects, capable of creating fascinating plays of light thanks to precious mouth-blown glass, such as the refined table lamp with its sculptural base.

Fine details

Details are what embellishes and ennobles our creations: from subtle gold veins to complex murrine set like precious colored stones, alternating with refined translucent inlays and brilliant plays of light. Each Murano Design lamp is enriched by details executed one by one by hand by our masters, enhancing its craftsmanship value.

Iconic objects

Our contemporary design lamps are more than just sources of light: they are truly iconic objects that enrich living spaces thanks to their unmistakable style and handcrafted soul. They do not just furnish a room, they completely transform it into something unique and unrepeatable.

Murano lamps: the unmistakable signature of elegance and tradition

The art of Venetian glassmaking has its roots going back well over a millennium. A cultural heritage made up of techniques, artisan knowledge, and secrets of the craft that have been handed down from generation to generation. We have the task of preserving this legacy, carrying on its truest and most authentic essence through the creation of refined Murano lamps.

Exclusive techniques

Our glassworks masters every smallest facet of this ancient art: from the fine filament of incalmo to the inlaying of complex polychrome murrine, passing through the iridescent colors of aventurine obtained thanks to special metal oxides. These are skills handed down with painstaking care for generations, allowing us to shape glass as if it were a living material.

Guarantee of originality

Our creations bear a special signature that guarantees their originality and uniqueness. A certificate of guarantee accompanies each numbered piece: protecting the cultural value and authenticity of true Murano art glass. By choosing our lamps you will be sure to take home the fruit of an art handed down over a thousand years of the island’s history!