Customised traditional and modern glass creations by true master craftsmen

Due to our experience, we are able to meet specific requirements of customers from different backgrounds. Made-to-measure glasses (goti) for restaurants and hotels up to interior lighting. Contact us to ask for a solution.

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    Aqua Crua
    Hotel / Ristorante (Vicenza – Italia)
    Bicchieri personalizzati

    La Puntabella
    Tapas Bar (Perugia – Italia)
    Sospensioni su misura

    Ristorante (Ginevra – Svizzera)
    Bicchieri personalizzati

    Traditional processing


    Blown glass with two surfaces of different colours combined.


    The hot lamination of two or more blown glass shapes.


    A technique using transparent or coloured glass rods to create a glass ‘lace’.

    With murrina

    The original Murano murrina is a floral texture that can make your product unique.

    With stone

    The hard stone technique for obtaining engravings

    Types of objects that can be created

    Glasses and carafes

    The unmistakable Goti and the practical carafes can make your table unique.


    Give a special touch to the design of your space with Venetian figures.


    Discover how Murano glass vases go well with flowers and plants.


    Lighting is the most important component of a room. Find out how to make it unique with an artistic touch.


    Each product can be customised to meet the customer’s requirements. Find out how by contacting us!

    Contact us and tell your idea to our Master glassmakers!

      I have read the terms and conditions described in the privacy page.