All our glasses are blown and opened by hand. Blowing is a glassworking technique of free manual forming that allows to give shape to the glass in the pasty state, blowing air inside it through a long reed. The handwork involves small imperfections, which however make the products made unique and inimitable. Our collection of glasses ranges from traditional Venetian products to the most modern design objects, thus satisfying different needs.
We use different techniques to make our glasses.


The cane glass is a blown and hand opened glass with colored reeds. This technique consists of leaning or overlapping and then melting canes of various colors and of various kinds (flat, round, …) to obtain the desired shape.


The external murrine glass is a blown and hand opened glass with a silver leaf and murrine in relief with a colored drop. They are also made with opaque murrine and gold leaf, which can be found under the “gold murrine glasses” section. The murrine technique is one of the oldest and consists in the fusion of monochromatic tesserae or sections of polychrome glass cane, according to a planned drawing, to obtain a very colorful vitreous fabric.


The “incamiciato” glass is a blown and hand opened glass with an internal and external color. The “incamiciatura” technique consists in melting two layers of colored glass and a layer of transparent glass.

Based on the decoration and style with which they are made, we have named our glasses in different ways:

GAUDI GLASSES: with colored spots and relief decorations, so called because they are inspired by the works of Gaudì.

MURANO GLASSES: decorated with groups of murrine and silver pieces.

VENICE GLASSES: with silver leaf, murrine and on tone spots.

FLOWERS GLASSES: murrine of different colors are brought together to obtain the effect of a flowery field.

CARNIVAL GLASSES: decorated with silver leaf, colored spots and black wires, all colored inside.

FANTASY GLASSES: decorated with silver leaf and assorted opaque decorations creatively chosen by the Maestro.

DROPS GLASSES: irregular shaped glass, decorated with silver leaf, murrine and color drops.

SKETCH GLASSES: with silver line, murrine and colored threads cast inside.

CLOWN GLASSES: with colored bands and clown face in relief.

MURRINE STRIPS GLASSES: glasses of transparent glass with colorful and spiral glass canes

SILVER GLASSES: with silver leaf and colored inserts fused inside.

OPAQUE STRINGS GLASSES: transparent glasses with opaque decorations according to the master’s imagination


In addition to traditional glasses, with the same techniques and the same styles, are also made: