In the beating heart of Italian glassmaking, where tradition meets innovation, comes the Venetian goto, an expression of Murano craftsmanship that encapsulates centuries of history and culture. The term “Venetian goto” has fascinating origins, being closely related to Venetian daily life and tradition.

Traditionally, the “goto” was the personal glass of the master glassmaker, used to quench his thirst during the long, hot days spent near the furnaces. This glass was not only an object of use but also symbolized the bond between the craftsman and his creation, becoming a true hallmark of pride and belonging to the glassmakers’ guild.

Vetreria Murano Design®, celebrates this unique legacy through creations that blend craftsmanship, contemporary design and vibrant colors. Each goto is more than just a glass: it is a journey through centuries of history, a unique piece that tells stories of fire, air and timeless creativity. Particularly in Venice, the term “goto” goes beyond the simple glass, evoking a sense of community and sharing, recalling those convivial pauses in which toasts were made to the day gone by and moments of life were shared.

Goto Veneto: Discover the Elegance of Handcrafted Murano Glasses

The “goto veneto” represents not only an object of use but a true work of art. In our glasses, such as the Gold Murrine Glasses, elegance is combined with functionality.

Made with centuries-old techniques such as incalmo, filigree and murrine, our goti reflect the essence of Venetian beauty, making every sip of wine a unique experience. Turn to us to add a touch of class to your table, with pieces that are true testaments to Murano history and art.

Goto Veneziano Murrine

Through their skilled hands, the masters of Vetreria Murano Design® turn sand, soda and lime into glass masterpieces, keeping alive the traditional techniques inherited from their ancestors while innovating with shapes and colors that respond to contemporary tastes. Thus, each Venetian Goth who leaves our glassworks is a living testament to Murano’s rich history, a bridge between the glorious past of Venetian glassmaking and its brilliant future.

Goto Glass: Innovation and Design in the New Murano Glasses

Our line of Argento glasses is at the forefront of modern reinterpretation of the traditional goti. Each glass is the result of a delicate balance between innovation and tradition, where contemporary design meets Murano craftsmanship. With bold shapes and light-catching plays of color, our glasses are designed for those who appreciate beauty in its most innovative expressions while keeping the tradition of Murano glass alive.

At Vetreria Murano Design®, we believe that each glass tells a story, a journey through centuries of tradition and innovation. Our mission is to bring this story into people’s homes and hearts through creations that combine beauty, functionality and a piece of Venetian history.

Goto Veneziano Argento

Goto de Vin: The Wine Experience through Murano Glass Glasses

Drinking wine is an experience that involves all the senses, and the right glass can enhance every aspect of it. In Venice, this experience transcends the simple act of drinking, becoming a true social and cultural ritual, closely linked to the tradition of “cicchetti,” small appetizers that accompany wine in a convivial moment of sharing. Our Spirale glasses are designed to celebrate this tradition, combining form, function and beauty in every sip.

These glasses, handcrafted by our master artisans, not only enhance the wine tasting experience but are a tribute to the Venetian drinking culture. The Venetian cicchetto, similar to the aperitivo but with much deeper roots in the history of Venice, is a moment of social gathering where wine, served in our elegant “Goto de vin”, becomes the protagonist. Tradition dictates that, while strolling through the “calli” and canals, one stops at the various “bacari” (typical Venetian taverns) to enjoy wine and cicchetti, creating a unique gastronomic and cultural journey.

Goto Veneziano Artigiano

The art of creating a Venetian Goto

Vetreria Murano Design® is committed to keeping the age-old art of Murano glass alive through the creation of unique pieces that tell the story of the passion and skill of our artisans. Each goto is not just a glass but a piece of Italian culture, a symbol of elegance and refinement that stands out in any context. Through the careful use of key words such as goto veneziano, “goto veneto”, “goto bicchiere” and “goto de vin”, we aim to introduce the world to this wonderful heritage, inviting collectors, companies and enthusiasts to discover the magic of Murano glass.

We firmly believe that the future of craftsmanship lies in sustainable innovation. We are convinced that our choices today will influence the world of tomorrow. That is why, every day, we strive to seek solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of our work, without ever compromising the excellence and beauty that characterize our Murano glass creations.