The realization of our glasses requires different phases. The first step consists in taking the glass out of the oven with the use of the barrel. After allowing the glass to cool for some time, we blow it onto the barrel and we form a glass ball, this technique is called blowing. When the glass reaches the right temperature, the glass is decorated with other glass, gold leaves, silver leaves, murrine or other elements depending on the type of glass to be made. At this point our glass is ready to be melted and prepares to enter the oven.

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When the glass comes out of the oven, we begins to shape it by blowing until the desired shape is obtained. Once the desired shape has been reached, a reed called “pontello” is attached on the bottom of the glass and the glass is removed from the other reed.

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Once the bottom of our glass is obtained, at this point it is necessary to heat the front part and at the exit from the oven the glass is worked with the help of some pliers called “borselle”.

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Once finished, the glass is separated from the “pontello” and the piece is introduced into the “tempera”, a long ribbon cooling oven. Here the piece flows and cools slowly in many hours of stay and comes out ready for subsequent proceedings. The guarantee of the glass open by hand is the sign of the detachment of the “pontello” on the bottom of the glass. Another distinctive feature is the edge of the glass which, if opened by hand, is rounded off as it is necessary to use the oven to open it.

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